Informe LEY N° 19.574

Report LAW N ° 19,574

10 Ene.

Updating and systematization on prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing.

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Amendments to the Law of Colonization

22 Dec.

Approval of Law No. 19.577 of December 22, 2017, introduces several modifications

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Securities And Investment Advisers

13 Dec.

Regulation of Arts. 35, 36 and 38 of the Financial Inclusion Law.

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Control de Trabajo

Labor Control

20 Oct

Decree No. 278/17, was aproved, that provides several changes in the Register of Labor Control Documents.

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Financial Inclusion Law

19 Set.

10 Years of the approval of the Antitrust Law No. 18,159. Lessons and Challenges, in the Chamber of Commerce and Services of Uruguay.

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Ley De Acoso Sexual

Sexual Harassment Law

11 Set.

Law 18,561 was regulated, which aims to prevent and punish sexual harassment as well as to protect victims.

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Salas de Lactancia Maternal

Maternal Breastfeeding Rooms

24 Ago

Law 19,530, regulation the installation of Breastfeeding Rooms in Public Organizations and in private companies.

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Proyecto de Ley de Gestión Integral de Residuos

Bill For Integral Waste Management

11 Ago.

Promoting a model of sustainable development through the prevention and reduction of negative impacts.

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