Dra. María Solari Restano


Born in 1980. Doctor in Law, Catholic University, 2003.

Currently studying the Degree of Specialization in Real Estate Business at ORT University (2017)

Attended the post graduate course on “Real Estate”, University of Montevideo (2013)

Attended the course of Successory Law, in the Post Graduate Centre, University of the Republic (2011).

Participated in the Seminar on Joint Ownership “Practical issues in connection with Joint Ownership” delivered by Prof. Dr. Eduardo Carbajales and organized by Uruguayan Bar Association (July, 2007 and 2010).

Postgraduate course on “International Commerce Arbitrage” delivered by Prof. Esc. Rubén Santos Balandro and organized by the Postgraduate School of Law at the University of the Republic (August, 2007).

Participated in the Seminar regarding Trusts that was held in the Catholic University (2004).

Aspiring Associated Professor to the Private International Law Chair of the University of the Republic (years 2005-2014)

Member of the Bar Association.

English - Spanish