Esc. Juan Ángel de la Fuente

Notary Public, University of the Republic, Montevideo, 1994.

Regularly writes technical articles for several local and international legal journals, including the International Journal of Notaries, Notary Law Journal of the College of Notaries of Jalisco, and so on.

Executive member of the Committee of Security and Computing of the International Union of Notaries (UINL) and member of the American Affairs Committee of the UINL.

Board Secretary at Grupo Los Grobo LLC.

Postgraduate degree in Agribusiness Management (University of Minnesota and University of North Dakota, 2006), participating in the Cochran Program of the Government of the United States of America (Department of Agriculture).

Consultant and lecturer at Milenium 21, a group specialized in training and management of IT, related to public and private business areas, since 2000.

Member of the Institute of Business Law and of the Institute of Comparative Law and Integration of the Notarial University of Argentina, where he led the "Digital Signature and New Technologies Group ".

Author of "Keys to the Government Information Systems", submitted in December 2000 by the Presidency of the Republic of Uruguay, drafted with support from professionals in the field of information technology.

Member of the Faculty Assembly of the University of the Republic.

Speaker of the series "Globalization and Information Technology" at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uruguay, attended by private companies, banks and public offices of the Uruguayan government, 2004.

Adviser to Crédit Agricole Group in Uruguay and Crédit Foncier of Monaco in Uruguay since 1999.

Adviser to the Mortgage Bank of Uruguay since 1998.

Former special Adviser to the Monitoring Group of electronic certification documents of Mercosur (2003-2006).

Former Executive Director of the Notarial Certifying Entity, Certifying Authority of Digital Signatures of the Uruguayan notaries, former member of the Notarial Certification Agency of Spain (2003-2007).

Former Secretary General and Treasurer of the Committee on Computing Legal Security of the International Union of Notaries (1997-2004).

Former Member of the Institutes of Business Law and Comparative Law and the Integration of the Universidad Notarial Argentina (1997-2004).

Former Coordinator of the Committee on Computing and New Information Technologies of the Association of Notaries of Uruguay (1997-2004). Former Member of the Institute for Research and Notarial Technology, acting as coordinator of said Committee (1997-2004).

Former Secretary General of the Information and Legal Security Committee of the American Affairs Committee of the UINL (1997-2004).

Former Adviser in legal computing and new technologies for the notary, to the Association of Notaries of Paraguay (Lecture Series 1997-2007).

Former Secretary of the Agricultural Association of Dolores, a member of the Rural Federation of Uruguay (1996-2007).

Former Adviser of the Uruguayan Wheat Consortium (1996-2007).

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