Adapta Consultores

(Environmental consultant)

Adialir S.A.

(Credit administrator)

Agronegocios del Plata



(Starbucks Uruguay)

Aluminios del Uruguay S.A.

(Construction industry)

Amstar Group

(Investment fund)

Andreoli S.A.

(Representative of El Noble)


(Road infrastructure consultant)

Asociación Civil Providencia


Avícola Dorotea

(Poultry farming)

Biblioteca Nuestros Hijos


Ble Boulangerie

(Gastronomic industry)

Bolsa de Valores de Montevideo

(Stock exchange)

Bosch y Cia S.A.

(Construction industry)


(Smart lockers network)


(Agrochemical packaging management plan)


(Agricultural industry)

Carbosur S.R.L.

(Environmental consultant)

Cementos Pacasmayo S.A.

(Minnig company from Perú)

Cepas Uruguay Bebidas y Alimentos S.A.

(Cepas Group Argentina)

Claxson Interactive Group

(Multimedia Group)

Compañía Cervecerías Unidas (CCU)

(Alcoholic and Analcoholic Drinks)

Compañía Cibeles S.A.

(Farmaceutical, Merck Sharp & Dohme)

Conexión Ganadera S.R.L.

(Cattle investment services)

Copiplan S.A.

(Documents printing, plotting and scanning)

Devoto Hnos. S.A.

(Supermarket chain)

Desarrollos Orientales

(Real estate)

Doña Coca

(Meat processing plant)

Eli Lilly do Brasil Ltda.

(Elanco Animal Health Division)

El Cerro


Emi Music de Uruguay S.A.

(Subsidiary of Emi International)

Eneka S.A.

(Precision instruments)


(Advertising agency)

Fideicomiso Financiero Campos Sustentables

(Investments in rural properties)

Fomex SA

(Real estate developments)

Forestal Atlántico Sur

(Forestry activity)

Formo S.A.

(Textile industry)


(Meat processing plant)


(Food industry)

Fundación Don Pedro



(Rural development in Mercosur)

Gerardo Zambrano & Cía. S.A.

(Cattle shippers and consignees)


(Advertising agency)

Grupo La Tahona

(Real estate development)

Grupo Supervielle

(Financial services)

Grupo Martinelli

(Funeral company)

Grupo Pramer

(TV producer)

Hipermercado Géant

(Hypermarket and shopping center)

IAFIS International S.A.

(Security systems software)


(Gourmet food production)

Ielou S.A.

(Real estate developments)

Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura

(International Organization - Uruguay Representation)

Invertir Online

(Financial services)

Jas Forwarding Worldwide

(International cargo agency)

Jas Forwarding Services LATAM

(International cargo agency)

Jayme Da Costa Uruguay S.A.

(Electrical installations)

Japan Tobacco International

(Tobacco Industry)

Jorge Davison Sociedad de Bolsa


Juan Cavajani S.A.

(Bag manufacturing)

La Concordia

(Real estate developments)

Lesaffre Uruguay S.A.

(Yeast manufacturers)

LiuGong Machinery Corp.

(Guangxi LiuGong Machinery Co. Ltd.))

Logística Maderera S.A.

(Forestry activity)

Maltería Oriental S.A.

(Malt production)

Marubeni Corporation

(International trader – Japan)

Mercado a Término de Buenos Aires

(Futures Exchange and Options)


(Financial services)

Milotur S.A.

(Nativa water, Nix beverages, Watt's juices, Heineken)

Montaldo Corredor de Bolsa S.A.


Montevideo International Forwarders

(International cargo agency)

Morton & Bedford

(Startup in the textile industry)

Mundo Meeting

(Event organizers)

NH Hoteles

(Hotel chain – Spain)

Nuevo Siglo Cable T.V.

(Subscription television)


(Technology entrepreneurial fund)

Oil Test Internacional

(Laboratory analysis for the industry)


(Precision farming)


(Highly complex software development)

P&M Group Limited

(Refrigeration industry – UK)

Pepsico Uruguay

(Pepsico Food Division)

Pike & Cía. Comercial Ltda.

(Trading services of forestry products)

Pintelux Paintings

(Construction industry)

Posada Campotinto

(Winery and boutique inn)

R del Este S.A.

(Wind Power)

R del Sur S.A.

(Wind Power)

Reciclo NFU

(Tire management plan)

RPA Media Place Uruguay

(Online advertising)

Sal Torrevieja

(Salt industrialization)

Select Sires Inc.

(Animal Genetics)

Sevier S.A.

(Personal loans)

Sociedad Televisora Larrañaga S.A.

(Channel 12 open TV)

Summa Factoring

(Financial Market)

Supermercados Disco del Uruguay S.A.

(Supermarket chain)

The Grand Hotel

(Hotel industry)

The Rice Company TRC

(Food industry)


(UPS Supply Chain Solutions)


(United Parcel Service Inc., USA)

Vandalo TV

(Film production)

Vidriería Uruguaya S.A.

(Subsidiary of Vidriería Argentina)

Warner Music Spain S.A.

(Music Company)