Dr. Marcelo Bonino Bordes.

Born in 1965. Doctor in Law and Social Sciences, University of the Republic, Montevideo, 1990.

Post-graduate course in Leasing and Leasing Procedures (Uruguayan Catholic University, 1993).

Post-graduate course in International Contracts and Legal Entities, Representation and Powers of Attorney (Uruguayan Catholic University, 1993).

Post-graduate course in Corporate Law (University of Montevideo, 2012).

Participated in Seminar “The new system of Competition Law”, organized by University of Montevideo in 2000.

Participated in the Lecture on “The new consumption relationships act”, organized by the Uruguayan Lawyers Association in 2000.

Participated in Seminar “Legal aspects of the record industry” in 2000, organized by Argentine Chamber of Phonogram and Videogram Producers (CAPIF). Seminar on Competition Law at the University of Montevideo in 2005.

International Seminar on Telecommunications Law, Austral University, Buenos Aires, October 2006.

From 2000 to date has participated in several seminars and lectures on the Competition Defense, both as panelist and assistant.

Former Member of the Working Group on Competition Law of the University of Montevideo.

Participated in Seminar on Competition Law organized by the University of Montevideo in 2010.

Participated on behalf of Uruguay in the “Meeting of Broadband and Cablemodem” held in Mar del Plata in 2011.

Author of several articles on telecommunications and competition defense law.

Participated in several regional and international meetings of the International Bar Association and of the American Bar Association on behalf of Bado, Kuster, Zerbino & Rachetti.

Member of the Uruguayan Bar Association.

English - Spanish.